How to close Gerber knife: a full step-by-step guide

How to close Gerber knife a full step-by-step guide

A Gerber knife refers to a brand of knives that that has been in business since 1939, known for creating problem-solving and life-saving knives, multitools, cutting tools, and equipment. Gerber knives are designed for various disciplines, including hunting, fishing, and military tactics. They offer folding knives that can be easily carried and deployed with one … Read more

5 Best Gyuto Knife: pros and cons

5 Best Gyuto Knife pros and cons

We are excited to unveil the ultimate kitchen companion – the Best Gyuto Knife. If you’re a cooking enthusiast or a professional chef seeking the perfect blend of performance and craftsmanship, look no further. With its impeccable design and sharper cutting-edge technology, the Gyuto Knives stands out as a masterpiece in the world of cutlery. … Read more

How to date a Carl Schlieper knife: a complete guide

How to date a Carl Schlieper knife a complete guide

For both collectors and aficionados, dating a Carl Schlieper knife may be an exciting and gratifying endeavor. Throughout its lengthy existence, Carl Schlieper, one of Germany’s most known knife makers, developed a vast array of premium knives and cutlery. But dating a Carl Schlieper knife can be difficult because there are so many things to take … Read more

How to tell if Damascus is real among fakes?

How to tell if Damascus is real among fakes (1) (1)

People are eager to acquire Damascus steel knives due to their captivating patterns and extraordinary durability. However, with their popularity, there has been an increase in the production of counterfeit Damascus steel knives. Counterfeit Damascus knives: Some unscrupulous manufacturers create fake Damascus patterns by acid etching or laser etching the surface of a regular steel … Read more

Wusthof vs. Victorinox: which reigns supreme?

Wusthof vs. Victorinox (SUPER Buying Guide) & top 2 knifes

Welcome to our blog, where we dive deep into the world of kitchen knives and embark on an exciting culinary showdown. In the realm of high-quality cutlery, two prominent brands have captured professional chefs’ and home cooks’ attention: Wusthof vs. Victorinox. With their stellar reputations and loyal fan bases, it’s no wonder that the debate … Read more