How Good is CTS BD1 Steel? [Steel Knife Review]

If you are in the market for a new knife, you might have come across the term CTS BD1 steel. It is a high-performance steel that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its durability and edge retention. But is it really that good? In this article, we will take a closer look at CTS BD1 steel and evaluate its performance as a knife steel.

What is CTS BD1 Steel?

CTS BD1 steel is a high-carbon stainless steel that is manufactured by Carpenter Technology Corporation. It is a powder metallurgy steel that is known for its high strength, excellent wear resistance, and good corrosion resistance. The steel contains 1% carbon, 15% chromium, 1% molybdenum, and 0.5% vanadium.

CTS BD1 Steel Composition

The composition of CTS BD1 steel is as follows:

  • Carbon: 1%
  • Chromium: 15%
  • Molybdenum: 1%
  • Vanadium: 0.5%

CTS BD1 Steel Hardness

The hardness of CTS BD1 steel can vary depending on the heat treatment. Typically, it has a hardness of 58-60 HRC, which is considered quite hard for a stainless steel.

CTS BD1 Steel Knife Review

Now that we have covered the basics of CTS BD1 steel let’s see how it performs in a knife.


One of the key features of CTS BD1 steel is its sharpness. Due to its high carbon content, the steel can achieve a very fine edge that can be maintained for a long time. It is also easy to sharpen, making it a popular choice for knives that need to be sharpened frequently.

Edge Retention

Another area where CTS BD1 steel shines is edge retention. It can hold its edge for a long time, even under heavy use. This means that you can go longer between sharpening, which is great if you use your knife frequently.

Corrosion Resistance

CTS BD1 steel has good corrosion resistance. It is not as corrosion-resistant as some other stainless steels, but it is still more than adequate for most applications. If you take care of your knife properly, you should not have any issues with corrosion.


CTS BD1 steel is a tough steel that can handle heavy use without chipping or breaking. This makes it a good choice for knives that need to be used in tough conditions.


The price of knives made with CTS BD1 steel varies depending on the brand and the specific model. Generally speaking, knives made with this steel are on the more expensive side, but they offer excellent performance that is worth the investment.


In conclusion, CTS BD1 steel is an excellent choice for knife blades. It offers a fine edge that can be maintained for a long time, excellent edge retention, good corrosion resistance, and toughness that can handle heavy use. While knives made with this steel are on the more expensive side, they are worth the investment if you need a high-performance knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is CTS BD1 steel better than VG-10 steel?


CTS BD1 steel is similar in performance to VG-10 steel, but it is generally more affordable.


2. Can CTS BD1 steel rust?


While CTS BD1 steel has good corrosion resistance, it is not completely rust-proof. Proper care and maintenance are still necessary to prevent rust.


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