How To Scout Carry a Knife? [Guided 2023]

The Scout Carry is a simple way to carry your knife. You wear the sheath horizontally on your belt, and it’s easy as pie. There are two ways you can go about this: either with one that has an attached clip or by turning them so they’re vertical instead (like what Gerber does). In this blog, we will discuss How To Scout Carry a Knife?

How To Scout Carry a Knife?

If neither option functions for you, there are always lashings though these take time because we need two other colors of cordage coming from each end before tying off at some point early onto something else altogether. This is the horizontal carry knife for daily use.

Some people choose to attach their knives either at the small of the back or on the front side, slightly to the wards left. Others prefer putting it in the deeper box so that they can’t be seen by an enemy who may have been looking for any excuse as reason enough not only to take away your weapon but also harm you before realizing what is happening- this happened last week when two cowboys were killed while out riding.

Reasons To Scout Carry A Knife


Knives are long, thin tools that can be difficult to locate when you are out and about. If knives are placed in a pocket or loop near the hip area, it makes sense to do so since they will not get in the way of movement if things are seated and weight is placed on them. However, what about those who do not have access to such accommodations? Scout carry is the perfect option for you. This scout carries a knife and has very comfortable usage.

Snag Reduction

Knives are great for when you need to do some woodwork, but what about if your hands are full? Carrying one in an open handle or behind the hip can be tricky. If that’s happening and it feels like there is too much weight on one side (or back), try removing the blade from its sheath so only lightweight utensils remain; this will reduce drag caused by having something metal press against fabric which may cause snags while bushwhacking through thick vegetation.

Maintaining Secrecy

The idea of hiding the knife is one of the most important aspects of this style. There is no doubt that the horizontal belt line helps to accomplish that objective by concealing most, if not all, of your weapon from view, save for if you are wearing an untucked shirt with its tip sticking out underneath it as shown in the example above.

Alternative Knife Carry Methods

Here are some situations when other carrying options make more sense:

  1. Pocket Carry: Pocket knives are an excellent choice for those who want to carry something with them but don’t necessarily need access right away. They disappear inside your pocket, so it’s hard if you’re trying not to get caught using one.
  2. IWB Carry: Carrying a knife inside the waistband can be an excellent choice if you want to keep it out of sight, but don’t care about deployment time or comfort. This is the best scout carry knife.
  3. OWB Carry: This horizontal knife carry has a vertical carry outside the waistband and is an excellent choice for large fixed blades that don’t work with scout carry.
  4. Neck Carry: You can carry a knife on your person in the form of an attached sheath, It will hang from your neck or clothing. It is perfect for those who are ambidextrous and have smaller blades because it won’t bang against them when running through wooded areas like large tree trunks without branches.
  5. Boot Carry: For larger knives, putting them inside your boots is a surprisingly good choice. But deployment does require you to go down low.

Tips For Scout Carrying A Knife

To improve your results if you carry a knife while scouting, follow these tips:

  • The first thing to consider when choosing whether or not your knife will be in a fixed blade is its size. It’s best for small to medium-sized blades, but large knives can still work if you find the right carry option.
  • Place your sheath and test it. To begin with, draw and return the knife from different angles before putting it away for a while to get an idea of how everything fits together and how easy or difficult it might be to get out.


Scout Carry is an excellent way to keep your hunting or backup self-defense knife with you while out in the wild. I’ve found it much more comfortable than having a blade hanging off my side, and if we’re being honest – who doesn’t love telling people they have Scout Carry? Thanks for reading our blog.

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