How To Slice Brisket The Right Way? [Tips 2023]

Here at BBQ Breaks, we know that one of the most important parts of smoking meat is slicing it correctly. If you want to get a tender and juicy bite every time, then make sure not only they have great cuts but also how those pieces will be cooked before placing them on your cooking surface. In this blog, we will discuss How To Slice Brisket The Right Way?

Brisket Parts and Their Functions

There is a white “seam” that runs along the bottom of the brisket which separates the two parts of the brisket from each other. As you can see, the point has a lot more fat than your typical cut of beef, and there is some visible marbling running through this section for good measure, as well.

You have two options when it comes to cutting your brisket when it comes to slicing it. For each half of the cooked meat, you will be able to cut across the point or across the flat section based on the look and texture that you prefer.

In the course of an animal’s lifetime, a farmer’s decision will be heavily influenced by how much fat has been removed from a particular region of the animal during the course of its life. As a result of the fact that beef’s natural oils turn rancid within a short time period, most farmers remove a certain amount of it.

Brisket Slicing: What You Need to Know?

The most important thing to know when it comes time for slicing your brisket is that you should always cut against the grain. Why? If done correctly, these cuts will show off very wiry and hard pieces of meat instead.

What’s the best way to get a juicy cut of meat? Cut across an animal’s muscles rather than against them. This will create more tender and delicious cuts because these smaller pieces stay wet from being covered by complex networked fiber structures that help keep you together during the cooking process.

What Is The Grain of The Brisket?

As you may not be familiar with how to tell which way the meat’s grains run, take a moment and have a look at your whole cut-up smoking block. The skinny strands that are present throughout this dish run almost like long rubber bands from top-to-bottom or side to side on their own depending upon where they’re located within each piece.

The Steps to Slice Beef Brisket Properly:

  1. Slice only when you are ready to eat

The one thing you don’t want to do is cut into your brisket before it’s ready. Once the meat has officially hit its temperature-over 180°F (82 °C) – then slicing starts becoming more feasible because there are no enzymes present anymore which means all that hard work will be gone in an instant if done too early on.

  1. Choose the Right Knife

The right kind of knife is essential for slicing through tough parts and cutting them into thin, desirable slices. A 14-inch slicer will make this process much easier than using other types that may not be as sharp or efficient at what they do best – namely cuttie your brisket.

  1. Separate/cut the Flat from the point

The first step of slicing a brisket is to separate the point from the flat. To do this, place your hand gently on top and move it in small circular motions around where there’s the fat layer that separates them both; follow what looks like an “in” pattern for about 1/4 inch before making another cut across (“X”) shape piece out two equal parts with edible meat inside (point & flat).

  1. Slice carefully from the Beginning

You want to start with the flat section. Again, you need to make sure that your cuts are going against what would otherwise be called “grain” in this part of the meat and aim for thin slices about half an inch thick or as wide as pencil lead #2s-width apart once cooked.

The Burnt ends should be saved

The first and last cuts of your smoked brisket, known as the burnt ends for their deep color that is often associated with dried-out meat at either end when it has been cooked too long. These smaller pieces can sometimes be difficult to slice against but are still very tender even though you won’t get any extra protein from them like in other parts where there may have been more Opportunity To Eat (OTE).


BBQ Breaks is here to help you make the perfect smoked meat every time. We’ve outlined the different types of cuts and how they should be cooked to get that delicious, tender bite. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference or better yet, sign up for our smoking Meat 101 course so you can have all of our slicing tips right at your fingertips. Thanks for reading and happy cooking.

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