How to Lose a Knife in a Bar? [Update 2023]

Taking a knife to the bar is an interesting experience, but not one that I would repeat. There are many reasons why you might want something sharp when visiting bars from cutting open bottles of beer or feathers to making feather sticks (you really shouldn’t), as well as being able to protect yourself. In this blog, we will discuss How to Lose a Knife in a Bar?

How to Lose a Knife in a Bar?

When the person starts bothering you with, well, there is one positive thing about people bringing blades into drinking establishments, even if they aren’t supposed to do so, there is something positive about it. As long as you follow my instructions carefully, I am convinced that you will be able to resolve a problem that has been bothering me for quite some time now, as long as you follow my instructions carefully.

Pick The Right Bar

Small-town bars are difficult to lose your knife in because of their small and narrow layouts. In this kind of setting, you’ll be relying on luck if someone finds it before an embarrassing situation arises. Losing a knife is frustrating, especially when you can’t find it. The dive bar in any city with college students offers an easy way to get rid of unwanted knives without being too flashy or suspicious about your actions – just make sure not to pass out from exhaustion.

Trendy bar

The only thing that this dive bar has to offer are drinks at twice the price and guys with mustaches drinking them. There’s not much else going on here, so if you take your knife out it’ll just get a sideways glance from someone who’s probably trying hard (and unsuccessfully) not to seem intimidating as they make fun of people like us for ordering single malts or craft beer instead of Budweiser.

Pick The Right Drink

This is essential because almost none of these things can happen before you’ve made enough bad decisions about your drink choices.

Occasionally, our brains need some time to fully comprehend what has happened before they are able to allow us to go home with the guy or gal we are dating (depending on how the situation develops). When whiskey shots keep coming back to me all the time, I am beginning to think that it might be time for me to upgrade my metabolism for my health.

Never Tighten your Pocket clip

Unlike knives with spring-loaded pocket clips, some don’t hold on great and will fall out of your pants at the merest graze. Those who like to put their coat back onto themselves after taking them off in a sloppy attempt not only distract others but also give away what they were doing.

Promote the Bouncer

The bouncer will see that clip hanging out of your pocket when you walk in, but he wouldn’t care otherwise. On any other occasion, I doubt it would stop him from letting us into the bar or asking for our knife before going inside- depending on whether there are rules about this type of thing at all bars near where we live. Either Way, if things get too heated between yourself and his request then maybe just hand over whatever blade exists so no one gets hurt.

In a bar full of People, Be a Lazy Drunk

You turn around and find yourself eye to eye with a large, tired man holding his hand out for your knife. You can either try pushing through the crowd of congealed drunks behind him or just give up your blade; it’s not like he needs it anyway. It was a hard decision but after taking into consideration all factors including hygiene (ew) and personal space issues- well screw this place anyways.


If you’re ever feeling lost in a sea of bar patrons, just remember that you can always find a place to put your knife. It might not be the most exciting place, but at least you won’t lose it. And if someone does ask about your blade, take the opportunity to talk about knives and build some connection. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend (or at least not pee on them). Thanks for reading our blog.

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