SOG Knives Honest Review Are They Good?[Reviews 2023]

The SOG knives are a high-quality product for those who want to use them outdoors or collect such items. They have been reported as being very durable and sharp, making it possible that they could be used in any circumstance imaginable without fear of breaking down mid-useful cuts. In this blog, we will discuss SOG Knives Honest Review- Are They Good?

In the world of tactical knives, SOG has been one of the most popular brands due to the fact that they make high-quality products. A person who is looking for a high-quality knife will take into consideration Sog’s various steel qualities, as well as their aesthetic appeal to blades that are designed to function rather than just look good.

How Do SOG Knives Work?

As a knife expert, many knife experts have recommended SOG Specialty Knives, Inc. for use in any situation, regardless of whether they are in the field as military or law enforcement officers. SOG Specialty Knives, Inc. has remained a favorite among them since it fits well in any situation regardless of whether they are in the field. Because the company was founded in the 1980s, it is one of the younger companies that are still popular today that also use knives during wartime.

Spencer Frazer, founder, and chief designer at SOG Specialty Knives were inspired by his love for knives from US Special Ops forces in Vietnam. To that end, he created the company to reproduce the quality they used during wartime with a variety of military-inspired designs including escape tools such as folding knives or tactical fixed blades perfect for self-defense against would-be opponents who may try trapping you indoors if it starts raining heavily – which sometimes happens here locally without warning.

How Are SOG Knives Made?

The knives that you see on the racks at your local dealer might be made by SOG, but they’re not just limited to America. In fact, with branches and factories worldwide there’s no telling where one of these bad boys could end up.

SOG Knives have a variety of different models, but the company’s lowest-quality knives come from China. The higher quality steel for these types requires specific processes and attention to detail which are only found in countries like Japan or America. however, most cheaper pieces do not seem too far behind.

When it comes down to making them quickly enough at low costs without compromising durability many thanks mostly because there isn’t anything intricate about what they’re cutting through.

How Do SOG Knives Differ From Others?

Many brands make knives, but few can compete with SOG’s utility. Whether you’re looking for a military or law enforcement blade, their tactical blades stand out because of how multifaceted they truly are; there is no single use case where this type comes into its own unless we want to say camping trip as an example.

What Are The Best SOG Knives In The Market?

One of the most popular SOG knives is a classic design that was originally customized for use in Vietnam’s jungles. The MACV-SOG bowie has seen many changes, including an updated resin-impregnated leather handle and SCUBA diving versions popular among benefits members who have access to them as part of their military duties or hobbies.

Folding Knife

While the size of this folding knife is smaller than the original SEAL 2000 knives, it still has a durable AUS-8 stainless steel blade and a tough Zytel handle. It is lightweight with assisted technology that allows for quick deployment when you want to use it in an emergency situation.

The Trident is a knife designed specifically for Navy SEALs and it has 3.75 inches blade with an 8-inch handle that can open fully when opened, much like the Aegis does as well! The difference between these two? Japanese steel AUS8 versus Zytel polymer; one offers high quality while another will last nearly forever – which do you prefer?


The SOG knives are a top-quality product that can be used for multiple purposes. They are durable and sharp, making them reliable in any situation. If you are looking for a knife to add to your outdoor gear or collection, the SOG knives should be at the top of your list. Thanks for reading our blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do SOG Knives Differ From Others?


The SEAL 2000 is a nice seven-inch blade with a rubber handle. The knife was designed for the US Navy’s Seal Team, as its name might have suggested and we love this one because of how versatile it can be used in everyday life outside military or tactical purposes.


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